•   Retired Full Professor of Marine Economics at the University of Piraeus Department of Maritime Studies (1992-2008).
  •   General Secretary of Greek Ministry of Shipping: Elected by the PASOK Government in 1993; resigned in end 1995.
  •   Deputy Head of the department: 1995-1997, elected at the department of Maritime Studies, University of Piraeus.
  •   Head Postgraduate program: 2001-2003, at the Department of maritime studies, University of Pireaus


Teaching experience:

  •   Expert scientist-Reader, at the chair of Maritime Studies and Policy at the University of Piraeus, 20/08/1977-19/08/1979. Resigned though his tenure renewed for 2 more years to work in industry.
  •   Elected Associated Professor in Marine Economics at the Department of Maritime Studies of the University of Piraeus, on 25/11/1992, and till June 1998.
  •   Elected Full Professor in Marine Economics on June 1998 till 08/2008, when he retired by law.
  •   Total teaching experience: 18 years.



Ph.D holder from the Department of Economic History of the Brunel University (1974; UK)

Graduate and Full Member of the UK Institute of Marketing, London, 1972

Post-graduate diploma from University of North London in Economic Development, 1971

Graduate of the economic department of Athens Economic University-ex Graduate school of Economic and Commercial studies-ΑΣΟΕΕ-1965

Doctoral Dissertation:

‘A vintage model approach to some problems of shipping economics’ 1974.

Books & Monographs written in Greek:

  •   1997, Management of Coastal and Sea Industries, 353 pp, Stamoulis publications. An updated complementary book published t00.
  •   1999, Management of Shipping companies, Vol. A and B, 3rd edition, pp 357, Stamoulis publications.
  •   1997, Quality control in Shipping companies and at the ship (ISM Code & ISO 9002) with C. Giziakis, pp 361. 2001 2nd edition pp 437, Stamoulis publications.
  •   1996, Operations management in Shipping Companies, J+J Hellas publications, pp 228; 2001, 2nd edition titled ‘The Management of Operations and Production in Shipping companies’, Stamoulis publications.
  •   1998, Finance for shipping companies, pp 371, 2nd edition, Stamoulis.
  •   2002, The Short Sea Shipping with Prof. Sambrakos.
  •   2002, Introduction to the management of Companies, Stamoulis.

 Books published abroad:

  •   “The Business of Shipping” with Lun, Ng and Cheng, Volume 2, (2010), pp 127, by Inderscience, ISBN 0-907776-51-5;
  •   “Maritime Logistics Contemporary Issues” (2012) edited by D-W Song & Photis M. Panayides, Chapter 13, by Goulielmos, Lai and Lun, Maritime logistics in EU Green Ports and short Sea shipping, pp 245-261, ISBN 978-1-78052-340-8;
  •   "Oil Transport Management, by Lun, Hilmola, Goulielmos, Lai and Cheng, 2012, ISBN 978-1-4471-2920-2"

Published Papers: 

Prof. Dr. Goulielmos after his return to Greece from UK in 1975, one year after the Cyprus problem, was invited by Athens Center of Planning and economic development (KEΠE) to take part in the works of the then two 5 year Plans 1976-1980. He was proposed by ex Finance Minister John Paleocrassas. He submitted 5 proposals/papers in Greek: Finance for Greek shipping; Shipping Foreign exchange Inflow; the prospects of the growth of Global and Greek flagged shipping for 1976-1980; balance of Resources; the Economic shipping research in Greece.

  1.   Goulielmos A M and Gatzoli A, (2012), The role of a ship’s Master in theory and practice: lessons from           Marine Accidents, fall, pp 55-78, Critical Incidence Analysis.
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  5.   Goulielmos A M & Tzannatos E, (1997), Management information system for the promotion of safety in shipping, Disaster Prevention and Management, Vol. 6, No 4, pp. 252-262.
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Over the 16 papers (1992-1998) presented in Conferences and considered equivalent with the above 63 papers, till May 2015, are not written down here including the ‘Economist’ conference in Athens titled: “Maritime policy Issues: their impact on the development of an efficient national flag-the Greek experience” and various IAME conferences for the sake of being brief.
Also, over 9 papers written in Volumes in honour of retired or late Professors of the University of Pireaus are not written down here. These are considered too as equivalent to the above papers.
Moreover, more than 24 papers presented in various conferences are not written down here. Also are not recorded down more than 55 papers published in Greek Press (Naftemporiki, Greece & International Transports, Outlook, Nafs, Kerdos, Deltio NEE (Greek Chamber of Shipping), Naftika Chronica. Elnavi, Alkyon, Katrhimerini and others. A detailed list can be provided of the above 104 papers upon request.

Dr Professor Goulielmos has undertaken 13 research projects:

  1. for the EDF of the EU for the Ferry system of Guyana as chief economist, 1986-1989;
  2. EU for small and medium European ports, chief economist 1988-1989;
  3. Seychelles project for the Tuna port of the EDFund 1990-1991;
  4. ETVA study for Industrial Area at Astakos, 1991;
  5. Ministry of national Economy/CPED for Greek Coastal shipping, 1992;
  6. Cape Verde shipping coastal industry, World Bank project, 1992;
  7. Port of Rhodes, Delors’ and National Economy project’ of ETVA and for Port of Igoumenitsa, 1993;
  8. MGA for the connection of the University with industry;
  9. Marine accidents, Hellenic Chamber of shipping, 1993-1997, 3 volumes, Chief researcher;
  10. Leonardo da Vinci program, 1996-1997; 
  11. MARSK project of EU chief economist;
  12. Causes for people to choose marine profession, 1995-1997 with the cooperation of YEN;
  13. Coddisart Euro Doc ship Survey, DGVII project of EU Commission, chief economist.
  •   Prof. Dr Goulielmos participated in international conferences between 1992-1998 at Delft; Alexandria; Yerevan; Cambridge MIT; Bergen; Vancouver; Rotterdam after invitation; London IAME after invitation; IME London; PMF London after invitation; Honolulu ISOPE after invitation; Yokohama after invitation; Antwerp; international round table conference for EU short sea shipping 1992-1998; member of IMSF; IAME member and editor of Newsletter; member Policy Research Corporation N V; member of the Board of Editors Maritime Economics Journal and Review of Economic Studies, TEI Epirus.
  •   Member in 10 scientific societies: Institute of Marketing; Greek Economic Society; IAME; ISOPE; Greek statistical Institute; Greek scientific society for the protection of the environment; ISTAME; ISMF and Royal Economic society UK.
  •   Member in Committees and Board of Directors in 18 cases. Detailed list upon request of all the above situations.
  •   Participation in 39 conferences without proceedings with 4 speeches and 6 interventions.





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